I'm Erin, 20, living this crazy wonderful life I've wandered into.University of Connecticut 2016, Political Sciences. Dogs. Nature. Ocean. Partying. Making the best of what I've got.


I’m getting way too nervous about housing for next and my pick time isn’t for over a week. I just want to be able to live by my friends in alumni but transfering messed up my credit count. I just hope it all works out…



Comparing your relationship to Romeo and Juliet to express how in love you are is kind of like using Hamlet to demonstrate how close and well-adjusted your family life is

*laughs tastefully*

Can someone tell me how the room in Alumni for both the double and triple rooms? If possible some pro’s and con’s. I’m not sure what my friends and my final plan is but i don’t know anyone that lives there to ask about it. Also maybe how fast they fill would help too. Any help is appreciated:)





no one will ever understand the deep fucking connection I have with this film

For real though

John Hughes was the king of cinema for generations of teenagers.

Such an important film.  There hasn’t been a coming-of-age film like it since.  Truly.  It’s a lost genre.  Also an incredible soundtrack full of great music from its era.

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